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Basic Natural Beauty Tips for Glowing & Healthy Skin?

As we know that to get Healthy & Glowing skin, we try out lots of beauty or cosmetics products. But sometimes there is demand of natural products for skin. These natural ingredients are suited for oily skin, dry skin, normal or sensitive skin. These natural ingredients are chemical free and have lots of virtues for beautiful skin. So, it’s necessary to tell you some natural remedies for glowing and healthy skin. Here we are telling you Basic Natural Beauty Tips for Glowing & Healthy Skin. Let’s discuss step by step.

Chilled Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes: are you using green tea daily and throwing away the used tea bags? No, you should save this next time. As we know that chilled black or green tea bags wonders for your skin. Using these natural face beauty tips can instantly reduces puffiness around the eyes and make them look brighter and more awake. You can use Tea Bags by putting it on your eyelids and relax for 5 to 15 minutes.

Gram Flour for Tan: As we know that Gram Flour is used as a natural. Mild exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells. If you want to clear, soft and naturally glowing skin, so it’s the most natural face beauty tip you need to know. You can use this by taking equal amount of Gram flour and Curd in bowl and mix them. After that apply this on your face and neck & rinse with water. It will gently remove the dead skin cells and dirt.

Tomatoes to Control Excess Oil: As we know that excessive oil only affects those with oily skin in the humid in most parts in India. You can rid out from excessive oil by using tomatoes. As you know that tomatoes contain antioxidants along with great cooling and astringents properties. It helps balance the natural oils of the skin and gets rid of any excess oil that you may be struggling with. For this take a one tomato scoop and apply on the face. After 15 minutes wash off with warm water.

Cucumber & Lemon Blemishes: As we all struggle with blackheads and blemishes. That make skin look dull and tired. To rid of blemishes and blackheads naturally take a paste of cucumber and lemon juice and apply it on the face before taking a bath. Stay it for 10 minutes and wash it.


In the above discussion we have discuss about the Basic Natural Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin. Hope you have well known about these tips. For this kind of interesting tips and tricks stay log on to the website Creative Beauty Tips. You can also use some cosmetics or beauty products that have natural ingredients in it. You can buy these products from our E Commerce Portal Beauty Bebo.

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