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Clothing Tips- You Should Know Before Buying

The clothes you wear will definitely define you, right? Therefore, it is only in order that you get a few tips on bettering your way of dressing, so that you bring out the impression you want on people.

Good for you, we already sourced these tips for you. Have a look at some of the you should take into account.

  1. Men Vs Women

The first thing you have to consider when buying clothes is that there are clothes for men and women. Cliché, isn’t it? However, it is true that there are people who will not differentiate, especially clothes that are similar. For instance, trousers and shirts.

How do you know that a universal looking shirt is a woman’s? Not only will the shoulders be narrower, but the most conspicuous feature is the buttons. While men’s shirts display buttons from the right side, women’s shirts 9have them on the opposite side.

Therefore, even though they may look completely similar, men’s clothing has slight differences that you will notice compared to women’s clothing.

  1. Kids Vs Adults

Sometimes you are so engrossed in your own range of fashion, that you forget that your kid’s needs are different. You end up designing them classy outfits, but did you know that what is classy to adults could be weird to kids?

Just like you would never wear a pretty little girl dress, you should let your kid dress up like the kid they are.

  1. Function

There are clothes for different functions, and you should consider this when purchasing a cloth. For instance, the clothes that you wear to a party or a dinner date are completely different from those that you need for the office.

For instance, while a gown is really attractive, it will totally look absurd in an official meeting or interview where fashion is not the main concern.

On the other hand, you can’t imagine going to a date dressed up in a suit and an office tie.

The bottom line is, you have to realize the function the clothes are meant for, so as appear presentable and as lovely as you wish.

  1. Culture

Different cultures present different types of dressing. Clothes that could be so noble in one culture could be funny in another. Take an instance of the sari, which is really appreciated in the Indian culture. Women will even wear it to the office.

Taking the same to a different culture could be an issue. It could only pass as casual dressing.

While western cultures have no issue with women dressing in booty shorts and strapless tops in summer seasons, others take it to be completely vulgar.

  1. Season

Imagine getting your friend in a hood and a heavy jacket on during summer. What would you make out of that? Also, consider wearing a strapless to and deciding to freeze and shine in winter. What perception will you put in people?

Dressing wrong in a season could pass as madness, or even just weird. Therefore, consider wearing comfortable clothing for the season.

Bottom Line

You should always ensure that you have considered what other people will perceive out of your dressing. Not that I am a fan of people-pleasers. Absolutely not!

However, going to extremes could drive to you negative vibes, which will affect you too. Nevertheless, if none of this affects you and your personality, then by all means; your dress, your choice!



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