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What Are the Diet Tips to Grow Hair Naturally?

As we know that long and healthier hair is everyone dream. But one question arise in the mind is that how to grow hair faster & how to stop hair fall. There are many products available in the market by which you can grow hair faster but these results are not permanent or these products can harm your hair also. You should follow the natural tips and tricks to hair growth. You can also follow some natural diet tips for hair growth. Here in these articles, we will discuss on the topic “What Are the Diet Tips to Grow Hair Naturally”. Let’s discuss one by one in details.

Diet Tips to Grow Hair Naturally

Protein-rich Diet: As we know that protein rich diet is very beneficial for hair growth. A diet which contains protein plays a important role in hair growth. An Indian diet is particularly deficient in proteins, we eat lots of carbs but forget proteins. There are lots of diet products available in the market which are the great source of proteins like eggs, milk, paneer, yogurt, cheese, chicken, poultry and certain cereal grains like Quinoa.

Eat Foods rich in Biotin: As we know that Biotin or Vitamin B which is associated with healthy hair growth. There are lots diet products available in the market which contains Biotin like almonds, walnuts and vegetables like Cauliflower and Carrots.

Iron-rich Foods: As we know that Iron deficiency leads to poor oxygen supply to our tissues and this includes the hair follicles as well. There lots of diet products available in the market which contains Iron like meat, poultry, eggs and green leafy vegetables, fruits like Guava.

Vitamin B12, B6 and Folates Diet Food: As we know that vitamins play an important role in the hair growths. There are lots of vitamins available which are the good source of Vitamin and plays important role in hair growth like Rajma, beans, whole grains or milk etc.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in hair health. These oils are important for healthy skin and in the health of scalp. Dry scalp can result in poor hair growth. Omega-3 fats are available in the acids like fatty fish, flax seeds and walnuts etc.

Vitamin C-rich Foods: As we know that Vitamin C is most important nutrient for skin health. Healthy scalp ensures healthy hair growth. You should eat Vitamin C-rich foods like citrus, bell peppers, fresh lemon water and more.


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