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How to Apply Face Powder?

There are lots of face makeup products available. Face makeup is also available in powder form. So, applying face powder is very important. But you should keep in mind before applying face makeup powder. Here in this article, we will discuss on the various methods which should be apply on Face in the form of powder. As we know that many peoples don’t know how to use face powder properly. When face makeup comes in the form of powder, they use wrong method to apply face powder. For any kind of information on Face Makeup Tips or Beauty Tips on face continuously visiting to our website Creative Beauty Tips or Beauty Bebo.

Face Makeup Tips

  • Pick the right powder foundation: When you are using powder foundation you should keep in mind one important thing, you should choose right powder foundation. First you should know skin tone of your face closely and then choose the powder foundation for your face. If you get difficulty in getting skin type you should ask to beautician or dermatologists. There is various powder foundation available in the market. So don’t get confuse and choose right foundation after consulting the beautician.
  • Apply Makeup Primer: You should apply very thin layer of makeup primer on your face. Primer will provide you a smooth canvas to work on and will help in powder makeup.
  • Take Powder on Brush: When applying powder on face you should take it on brush then apply. Every time you should use of brush to apply face makeup powder. Its also depend on what type of powder you are using loose or pressed powder foundation. If you are using pressed powder then gently press the tip of the brush into the powder. If you are suing loose powder then take small amount of your powder on the brush and apply on the face. Face Makeup Tips
  • Apply Light Layer of Foundation on the Face: In the end apply light layer of foundation on the face. It will provide results to your face.


In last we can say that applying face powder is very simple but you should apply it carefully. In the above section we have discussed all tips. Hope that this will be helpful for you. For any kind of information beauty or cosmetics simply log on to the website or if you want to buy any kind of Face Makeup Tips or other cosmetics then simply log on to the website

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