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Follow These Simple Steps for Healthy & Smooth Hair

When you ask somebody for skin care and hair care then you will get very long list of tips. As we know that in these tips some advices are very helpful and some confuse us. Just like the skin care routine hair care routine is very important. There are many things and factors work in keeping your hair healthy and problem free. If you are looking for what advice will work or what not then you will get answer of this question here. Let’s discuss step by step.

  • You should avoid the hot water when washing your hair. Hot water will only make it messy. When you are rinsing off the conditioner then you should use only cool or warm water. These seals the nutrients in the stand and help the hair strands retain their shine.
  • You should protect your hair. You should always remember the CTM routine for the skin. This process is also applicable for hair also. You should cleanse your hair with shampoo. Moisturize it with the conditioner and protect it using SPF and heat protectors for the hair. You should cover your hair with scarf or silk cap before stepping out in the sun.
  • As we know that shampoo removes the dead skin cells from the scalp and get rid of oiliness. Shampoo is the essential product to maintain the vitality of the scalp. You should not wash your hair more than 2-3 times in week. You should avoid over shampooing. When shampooing then you should not nail to apply shampoo, you should apply shampoo with gentle fingers.
  • You should not style your hair in one way hair style. Change your hair part for instant volume and redistribute the weight of hair in the roots. If you love ponytails then go easy on them. You should opt for loose and lower ponytails and your hair down often and opt for gentle scrunchies to tie the hair. You should avoid touching and running your fingers too often in your hair.


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