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Footwear Tips: You Should Know This!

Footwear is just as important as any other of your outfits. Actually, your outfit is never complete if you don’t consider the shoes you are going to wear. We all probably know this by now, which is why we are here; we need tips to improve our experience with footwear.

Lucky for you, we just did an intensive research to save you the headache. Adding to our own personal experience with footwear, we compiled for you exactly what you are looking for.

  • Official Footwear

Official footwear includes shoes that you wear to work and special occasions. These are different for both men and women.

However, even in official footwear, you have to wear shoes that you are most comfortable in.

  • House Footwear

These are the shoes that you put on when in the house. These include summer sandals, warm cold weather shoes and slippers.

  • Casual Wear

Casual wear refers to shoes that you fee most comfortable in. these are shoes that you choose to wear to places where the footwear is not restricted. These include sneakers, sandals, beach shoes among others.

  • Sportswear

Sporting shoes should be lightweight, breathable and with a flexible outsole. The insole should be moisture-wicking, and the closure system of laces in most cases.

  • Gym Footwear

Gym and studio footwear are different from normal footwear. There are specific factors for the shoes. for instance, if you do indoor cycling, your shoes may have some metal parts at the bottom, referred to as cleats. The shoes will also have rigid sole that is difficult to walk on.

For other gym activities, flexible yet secure shoes are necessary. They should fit snug, yet leave space for breathing. Breathability and aeration further make the shoes more comfortable.

  • Men Vs Women

Men and women have different shoe sizes. Even when wearing the same type of shoe, there will still be a difference.

Women have narrower heels and smaller feet compared to men, which affects the decision they make when purchasing comfortable shoes.

  • Kids Vs Adults

Kids shoe sizes and preference are different from adults. Let’s take an example: toddlers will look good and happy in flashy and flowery shoes, some that even produce sounds as they walk.

On the other hand, the shoes that adults wear are more mature, both in design and outlook.

  • Footwear Sizes

Even people of the same age will not wear the same shoe sizes. Actually, I have seen twins who differ in feet sizes.

Since feet sizes are different, it is essential that you get your right shoe measurement. Even then, different shoe brands and types come differently. While some are narrow, some are wide, and most are standard in sizes.

Check the shoe type and recommendations before making a purchase.

If you are always getting smaller or narrow shoes, you can use width and length extenders occasionally for an ideal fit.

  • Foot Challenges

Sometimes you may have a foot or feet challenges, which hinder the normal shoe size and design that you wear. For instance, if you have a broken toe, you may be forced to wear a walking boot or shoe.

This is a special orthopedic shoe that is specially made to enhance walking while helping you recover.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that whichever footwear you choose you have to be comfortable. Always ensure that you enjoy what you wear, both in how you feel in the shoe and the general outlook.


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