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How to Choose Right Mascara?

Hello readers! As we know that the simplest makeup routine isn’t without using of mascara. But choosing the right mascara is big and very important task. You should well know about the selecting the right type of mascara for eye lashes. Here in this article, we will tell you about the selecting of right type of mascara for eye lashes. When choosing of right type of mascara and applying the mascara lots of point should be consider like Type of Brushes, Mascara Formulas, Mascara Colors. Let’s discuss all the points one by one. Kindly read whole article ‘How to Choose Right Mascara’ till the end.

  • Types of Brushes: Mascara wands come in all shapes and sizes and every shape provides different feature and different need. There are mascara brushes comes in the various shapes like curved, Hourglass, Bushy, Spiral, Ball-Tipped, Tapered, Inverted cone, Ultra-Skinny Wand/Comb etc. Curved mascara is used to help curl your lashes. This kind of mascara is suitable who have naturally straight lashed and want to do some extra lift or curved to lashes. Hourglass mascara brush pulls the inner and outer lashes upward for curling effect while creating volume. Spiral or bubbled mascara wands helps to create more lift and volume.
  • Mascara Formulas: How to choose mascara is sometimes very difficult. Volumizing/Lengthening- volumizing and lengthening mascara is suitable for short lashes and lengthening mascaras extend the actual length your lashes. Thickening- This formula provides the thicker look to your lashes. This formula is ideal for fine and sparse lashes. Lifting- The lifting formulas makes eyes look wider awake. Curling- If you have straight lashes, a curling mascara can help create an eye-opening effect.
  • Mascara Colors: As we know that black is the default mascara color for all time and perfect for most days or anytime. There is brown mascara is also available which is perfect ultra-fair skin tones and softer look. So choosing mascara color is also very important task.


In the above section we have discussed the mascara types, mascara colors and mascara formulas. Hope you understand all the points very well. Let’s we tell some important things if you want to buy any kind of mascara then simply log on to our E Commerce website BeautyBebo. For similar tips on Beauty or Cosmetics continuously visiting to our website Creative Beauty Tips.

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