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How to Make Eyes Appear Bigger?

Hello readers!!! To make eyes bigger, brighter and more awake is everyone’s dream and it enhance overall beauty. But problem is that how this will be obtain when you have dark circles, dullness and other issues. You can get this by doing makeup regularly. Here in this article, we will discuss on the topic How to Make Eyes Appear Bigger, brighter or more awake. So read whole article till the end.

  • Conceal: As we know that dark circle can make your eyes appear smaller. To get rid out from this you can use concealer shade. This will make your eyes lighter and warmer and more. There are various kinds of concealer available in the market. You can buy best concealer products from the site BeautyBebo.
  • Curl your lashes: Curling your lashes can make and look more awake to your eyes. But you know the how curler can be used. Its very important to know the curler used carefully. Curler will change the look how your eyes look. It will make your eyes beautiful and bigger.
  • Add nude shadows: There is another one trick to look eyes bigger, brighter. By adding browns and nudes’ shades in the crease makes open up eyes. You should apply soft brown color on the crease of the lid to bring more dimension to the eyes.
  • Draw A Thin or Tight Line: To draw thin or tight line around the base of upper lashes makes your eyes bigger and beautiful. For this you can use white or flesh colored eye pencil on the waterline to brighten and widen.
  • Use winged Eyeliner: When you are focus on the outer edge or the eye, you can use thick eyeliner. This will be making your eyes more beautiful or bigger.
  • Use Eye Highlighter: In last you can finish your eye makeup with strong highlighter. So, use eyeshadows or highlighter to look more beautiful your eyes.


In last we can say that to make eyes bigger brighter and beautiful has been made by these above discussed tips. For any kind of information on Beauty Tips for Girls you can simply log on to the website To buy any kind of cosmetics you should log on to the website

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