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How to Remove Eye Makeup?

Eye Makeup can be removed by two ways. If you are investing in makeup products then you should use high quality makeup remover tools. Here we will discuss on the topic “How to Remove Eye Makeup?” so will discuss on the two methods of Eye Makeup Removal.

  1. Eye Makeup Removal Using Eye Makeup Remover
  2. Eye Makeup Removal using Baby Shampoo

Let’s discuss step by step

1. Removal of Eye Makeup Using Eye Makeup Remover: You can remove eye makeup through eye makeup remover. You should use high quality of makeup remover for this. Eye Makeup Remover is the most popular and largely used way to remove Eye Makeup. There are other ways to remove eye makeup like Coconut Oil or Baby Shampoo. But one awareness you should consider in mind is that you don’t use face wash to remove eye makeup. As we know that Eye area is sensitive and this process will result in dryness and your lashes will fall out.

Things to Consider in Mind when removing Eye Makeup through Eye Makeup Remover:

  1. Before you hit wash-basin to remove eye makeup with water…Wait. Please use wet wipes to remove all your makeup before actually wash your face.
  2. When applying wet wipes, don’t rub or pressure. Use minimum pressure and gently wipe away.
  3. You can use a cotton ball or dab some eye makeup remover and wipe it with as well
  4. In case if you want to use some natural way for eye makeup remover then use some coconut oil between your hands and slather it across your face and eyes, leave it for a while and gently remove oil traces of oil by using cotton pad. In case if you don’t have coconut oil, you can use olive oil, almond oil or petroleum jelly to remove eye makeup.
  5. After that use gentle cleanser to wash you face.
  6. Dab on some toner to close the pores, moisturize and dab on some under eye cream to provide relief to the region

2. Eye Makeup Removal Using Baby Shampoo: Firstly you should remove makeup from the rest of your face. Splash water on your face, centering in your own eyes. Put a little baby shampoo on your hands and workout a rich lather. Apply this on your eyes and make to and fro motions. Then splash water again to remove soap content from the eyes. Wash your face using a mild face wash. Practice your CTM regular — it’s critical to make use of a toner after washing your face, since it may help close your pores and leaves skin fitter. A toner is known to reduce blemishes. Now dab on a good moisturizer and apply a eye cream on eyes which helps to avoid eye bags and dark circles.

These are the some methods for eye makeup remover which we have discussed. If these methods find informative or helpful please recommend to this with your friends and family. For more these types Beauty Tips for Eyes please continuously visiting to our website.

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