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What Are the Makeup Tips to Follow in Summer?

In every summer we welcome the season of vacations, cool drinks and mangoes. But there are lots of things which should not be welcomed in summer like sweat, heat and melting makeup. To get rid from these problems you should follow lots of things. Here we will tell you some tips to makeup which will help you to deal with summer season. Let’s discuss the Makeup Tips to Follow in Summer.

Makeup Tips to Follow in Summer

  1. Skip the Foundation for a Moisturizer Base: In the season of summer, you should use of moisturizer with SPF instead of heavy foundation. You can also create your own moisturizer by mixing normal moisturizer with your foundation for a light makeup base that stays in place longer.
  2. Use a Primer: As we know that primer is use in the summer season must they help to hold the makeup in place under sweaty and humid conditions. You can use primer right after the moisturizer but before the full makeup. Make sure to rub primer on your forehead and nose well to keep it getting shiny from sweat all day.
  3. Use Water Resistant Concealers: You should use only the waterproof concealers or corrector pens to avoid the melted makeup look. You should also make sure that concealer you use is lightweight and oil free and it is not thick on your skin.
  4. Carry Blotting Paper: Blotting paper will be your makeup saviour through out the day. Just carry few blotting papers in your purse and keep dabbing away the oil at regular intervals. Make sure you dab the and not wipe.
  5. Use Sheer Colours: On of the easiest to follow summer makeup tricks to use subtle sheer colours instead of rich and deep colours. This process lightens up your look. Also make sure that you use a light or clear lip liner to keep the colour from bleeding.


In the above lines we have discussed about the tips and tricks which you can follow in the summer season. Hope these Makeup Tips to Follow in Summer article will help you to look brighter in the summer. If you want to buy any kind of cosmetics in the summer, you can buy these from the website beautybebo. For these kinds of interesting tips look for the website Creative Beauty Tips.

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