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Which Hat is right for you

If you have never worn the wrong attire for the wrong event, then you probably have no idea how it feels. This is no different when it comes to caps and hats, which is why we need to adjust our wardrobe.

Anyway, we have researched on a few tips that you should look into before buying or wearing caps or hats to an occasion or event.

Based on the factors below, you will know what cap or hat to wear outdoors;

  1. Material

Just like other attires, the material of hats and caps will vary, which is why you should make this a consideration.

Material determines quality, durability, performance and even the impression that the hat or cap gives to other people.

Ensure that you check on this so as not to be disappointed wearing the cap or hat.

  1. Event

Wear a hat or a cap based on the occasion or event. For instance, there baseball and golf caps for sporting, beach hats for beach strolling, horse riding hats, among many others.

If you wear a baseball cap to the farm for horse racing, you will appear out of place. In any case, would you expect the cap to hold during the race? Absolutely not. In the same way, every cap or hat has its place of wear.

Also, don’t forget that there are places that you cannot wear hats or caps. An instance are places of worship, where men and women are expected to wear other attire to cover their heads, but not hats and caps.

  1. Season

During winter seasons, you should consider hats and caps that are woolen, especially on the interior. Beanies are also a common choice, because they even cover the ears and protect them from the cold. Dark colors are most preferable, given that they retain heat and absorb even the least heat in the atmosphere.

On the contrary, during winter, lighter caps and hats are the most suitable. They are also full of color, bright and beautiful to look at. Moreover, they tend to be larger, leaving space for aeration and breathability.

White caps and hats can be preferred to protect the face from the UV light and the heat of the day. Combining the use with the use of sun screens, you can prevent sunburns altogether.

  1. Gender

Caps and hats for men and women have different designs, and even colors. For instance, most women colors are bright, especially for the summer seasons. They may also be in color blends, such as hot pink and blue, white and red and more. Decorations and ribbons are not uncommon among women’s hats and caps too.

On the other hand, men’s caps and hats have a darker color, and are in most cases plain or stripped in color, with a single logo or simple wording, if any.

Bottom Line

Hats and caps are not necessary, at least most of the time. However, if you decide to have them on, then having the most suitable for you and the occasion should be necessary considerations.


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